Historic Charleston South Carolina
Historic Charleston, SC

Historic Charleston South Carolina

Charleston sets romantically where the Ashley and Cooper Rivers merge and flow into Charleston Harbor where the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter. Charleston is the most historically preserved city in America. The original settlement was established in 1670 across the Ashley River from Charleston’s present day location. Over a hundred historic buildings some of which are over 300 years old still stand and are in use today as tour landmarks, museums and bed and breakfast inns. Some are still occupied as residences by relatives of Charleston’s original citizens.

Charleston has its modern-side, but the magnet attraction of Charleston is its rich history and specimen historic architecture. And of course…its lush greenery, brilliant gardens of color, ocean views and oceanfront and river recreation.

We’ve provided these links to major historic spots and museums for vacationer’s convenience. Historic Charleston is made for walking tours at your own leisurely pace or with guided narrative tours by local tour companies. Carriage tours are particularly fun and relaxing.

Make your Charleston SC hotel and bed and breakfast reservations early, particularly during peak vacation season.

HuguenotCharleston's Huguenot House (1803)

One of Charleston's most graceful historic structures reflecting the wealthy lifestyle of the rice planting family and slaves that lived there.

Old ExchangeThe Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

Considered to be one of the three most historically significant Colonial buildings in the country. This is a must-see.

Powder MagazineThe Powder Magazine (1713)

The oldest public building in the Carolinas and the only surviving military structure associated with the capture of Charleston by the British.

Revolutionary War HouseCharleston's Revolutionary War House

Originally owned by patriot leader Thomas Heyward Jr. one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Boone HallBoone Hall Plantation & Gardens

This historic plantation stands on 630 acres and is one of the finest examples of Georgian-Palladian architecture in America.

Drayton HallDrayton Hall (1742)

Completed in 1742, this historic plantation house stands majestically on a 630-acre site and is one of the finest examples of Georgian-Palladian architecture in America.

Middleton PlaceMiddleton Place

An 18th century plantation that survived the American Revolution and Civil War. It was home to Henry Middleton, President of the First Continental Congress.

Fort SumterFort Sumter

The American Civil War was ignited on April 12, 1861 when political events erupted in Civil War.

Magnolia PlantationMagnolia Plantation & Gardens

Step back to over 325 years ago into one of Charleston's premier tourist attractions.

Historic Religious & Community BuildingsHistoric Religious & Community Buildings

Connections to over 40 other historic religious architecture and community buildings in Charleston. This one will keep you busy.

Black HeritageCharleston Black Heritage

The official Visitor's Guide for African-American visitors to Charleston. An overview of Black History, Heritage Tours and Black owned business.

Charles Towne LandingCharles Towne Landing

Walk the spot where English Colonists established the first settlement in the Carolinas in 1670.

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